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The Science of Belief and the Art of Questioning

Since ages we have always questioned our belief system. We have always asked why we followed traditions. We have found our reasons to justify our principles, our nature of work, and our relationships.

While it is good to question, the art of questioning becomes very important.

We must ensure we are not biased and judgemental about what we want to follow.

For generations, the religions and practices have changed or multiplied while some basics stayed intact, based on science. These are a few facts:

Aaa kara uu kara ma kara combine to 🕉 is the core of 🧘‍♀️. These are the celestial sounds that has outlived us. Existed before us and will stay forever.

🕉 is a culmination of three sounds. So Phonetics existed before humans innovated them.

The beads...a real rudraksh does attract positive. It has magnetic powers. Beyond all the mythological stories, it has a magnetic energy that attracts positive materials. That's why on a pile of clothes or crumpled paper it moves away.

Saligrama is natural Stone.

. Similarly in any household if you see people worshipping a stone or a piece of wood, the possibility Is has some energy beyond science.

There is always a fine line between spiritual and fanaticism.

Some believe in talking their heart out..prayers...some believe in connecting quietly...meditation.

Humans are dependent. They have emotional, physical, financial needs. So the belief system is inclined to what your need is.

I believe in the presence of a mother who guides me through the correct path, enables me take decisions, and if she found me going wrong, spank me and get back to track, and the belief that every living organism has a mother, draws me close to Durga Mata.

Similarly a human need of a friend, or a father, or a mentor, a good family, or a cynic, draws you close to Krishna, or Vishnu, or Raghavendra, or Rama, or Shiva accordingly.

Stories were the medium of instructions and we were asked to repeat stories so we build a healthy society. The best and the most followed tradition were based on how good the story teller was. And why is it important to pass this traditions to the next generation? We tell them the stories. Tell them these are your guiding light. You can use them or get innovative to be in favor of nature. They are important in the decision making process. And then we must encourage them to question.

It is our responsibility to teach the next generation to think and to believe. A kid believes the mother. Similarly tribal people needed to align themselves with nature. We all lean to what gives us a secure feeling. And we must know that the rules were based on Dharma. That's why in dwapara yuga..Krishna, a friend teaches what is Dharma in a battle ground to Arjuna.

In treta yuga , family values had to be taught. Kali yuga is losing out on everything. So we need bits of everything.

Karmanyevaadhikaraste maa phaleshu kadachana
Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha

Learn to believe and choose what's right for you.

Learn the art of questioning and the process of decision making.

Do not brush away everything and every process that we have inherited as illogical. In the process we might adapt ourselves to foreign cultures and belief systems.

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