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Life Goes a Full Circle

Mr. Shetty, had religiously followed a timetable at his 60s. He woke up at 6:00 AM, finished his daily chores, wore an ironed shirt and a pant. He never forgot to tuck his shirt and wear his Quartz watch. You can never miss him if he was around, thanks to the fragrance companies and Ponds Powder with which he took bath. He never missed visiting a nearby temple wearing a smile on his face and greeting everybody he came across. He was known for his stature. The dark complexioned old man with a little tummy was fond of three things; great food, intellectual discussions, and a hearty laugh.

Today he held these little fingers of his grand-daughter and led her to school. He had checked whether she had enough sleep, had breakfast, wore an ironed uniform, her pony neatly tied, and her lunch was duly packed. He had made enough hue and cry at home considering that it was her first day at school. His excitement was boundless. Just the other day he had taken her along to the grocery store. He had asked the storekeeper to pack 2 kgs of rice separately so his granddaughter could carry it back home. He proudly called out to his wife that the little child had carried 2 KGs while she was 5. Yes.. She was now ready for school. That was his way of ensuring that she had carried her bundles on her own. A thought that ensured that the kid turned out to be an independent woman in her adolescence.

He, today had a sense of achievement and while he had walked her to school, he had a feeling that his life was complete. He had started reflecting his past and had a sense of satisfaction. When you are a grandparent you know you have completed a lifecycle. Mr. Shetty had lived a complete and successful life. He had earned enough and spent enough. He ran a very successful company. He had taken care of his parents. Sponsored a few weddings, funded education for kids of his siblings. In the 60s his kids went to Christian convents in chauffer-driven ambassador cars. He had bought different patterns of necklaces and bangles ..not to mention they were all Glittering gold.. Had bought like 10 sarees at a time to convince her if he ever fought with her, to avoid a volcano spurting at home. .

There are perspectives of living a successful life. Some call it bank balance, some call it properties that their kids can inherit, some call it contributing to the population of India, but for Mr.Shetty it was to make sure he had contributed for himself, his family, his parents, society and more.. Yes, he did it!!!


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