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Kids Vacays #Gokarna

Updated: Apr 12

Traveling is not just about seeing places, or clearing your checklist. Traveling brings a change in perspective, makes you confident, enhances communication, and enables you to think effectively.

You don't learn all of your lessons in the classroom. Hence it is very important to travel with your children. Moreover, you must ensure to provide the best travel experience. Here's how you do that:

  • Make them a part of your journey.

  • Ask them to decide on a place

  • Enable children to plan the travel

  • Ask them to choose accommodation and mode of travel based on their budget

  • Include them while you plan the itinerary

  • Ask them to research about the place

  • Ask them to prepare to write a travelog unordered to share their travel story.

All of these will enhance their soft skills. To top it all, you will set aside a few days exclusively for your children. You save memories that they cherish forever.

Well, well, here is what we did in Gokarna.

The drive

A 12 hour drive from Bangalore. We took the Tumkur, Shimoga, Kumta route. When we reached the resort were so tired after the journey, all we wanted to do was RELAX.

The Swaswara CGH resort is a beautiful place. There are yoga classes, dining by the beach, a calm and a peaceful library, and a beautiful swimming pool. Add the cooking classes, pottery, and more. The architecture of the villas is aesthetic.


We reached the Cocopelli Surf school the next day. Sandeep, the surf instructor tells us when there is low tide and if it is a good time to take the surf lessons. He also has his homestay by the gokarna main beach. Cocopelli surf school has best surf boards, the trainer is equipped and knowledgeable.

What a sight it was, to see the never-give-up attitude, even when she was very tired and finally got to surf the waves in her last round for the day.


Posing is a Natural talent and the most loved when you are with girls. Why not make this an interesting task on your checklist. Plan on a few pictures, coordinate clothing, and accessories. Just to add a little bit of excitement and to save some memories.

Beach hopping

Get on to a boat and visit 4 beautiful beaches. Gokarna main beach..that looks like an ear of the cow, om beach ..that derives its name because it looks like the number 3, paradise Beach.. and half-moon the most serene beaches.

You can also trek through beaches, ensure that you take a contact number of a boat guy to get picked up from wherever you are.

Temple Visits

Gokarna is a place that connects to our epic Ramayana. Ravana performs penance and Shiva owes his Atma Linga. The deal was not to keep the Atma Linga on the ground until he reached his place, Lanka. While on his way back home, Ravana needs to take bath for the evening prayers and requests Ganapathi, who is in disguise as a cowboy, to hold the Atma linga until he returns. The cowboy pranks him and puts the linga on the ground. The Atma Linga is stuck deep to the ground and Ravana tries to pull it out. The four pieces of Atma linga fall in Kashi in the North, Srishaila in Andhrapradesh, Murudeshwara, and Gokarna in Karnataka. A beautiful idol of Ganapathi and the Mahabaleshwara temples in Gokarna are religious places you could visit. If you are heading towards Udupi from Gokarna you can also visit Murudeshwara.

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