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Unwind over weekend in Coorg

Bored of the mundane tasks and you just want to relax? You want to spend time in the midst if nature but also worried about exceeding your budget? There are sophisticated resorts that offer highfi stuff; sprawling acres of land, artificial landscapes, the most comfortable beds and lounges at exaggerated prices. But if you are looking for a place that can help you unwind without pinching your pocket and you want to feel at home ..this is where you must go. I had less than two days. I wanted to go to Kanyakumari. My husband insisted that I must drop that plan and come to RR Fish View cottage in Ammathi, Coorg. He had heard a lot about the place , hospitality, and paid a personal visit to ensure that we had a pleasant stay. Fish view cottage has just 4 houses that can accommodate 15 people at the maximum, provided you are a bigger number and can adjust to have the resort for yourself, the resort is more than happy to offer. It is surrounded by coffee plantation, areca trees, a household at a distance who work here, a swimming pool with fresh water and a huge pond. So for two days I would simply sit in the portico and read a book while breeze from the plantations comforted me, or sit by the lake looking at the ducks, geese, and their ducklings or, feed fish, or get lost in the plantation to hear the hornbills and the cuckoos and wild hens.

The resort also offers kayaking and fishing with the angular bait. The swimming pool , unlike chlorine treated water in best resorts, had fresh water from the that was refilled at regular intervals.

I had made several trips to Coorg before but I had my best experience at Fish view cottage. Here is what my schedule looked like…

We reached at 12 in Ammathi after a brief visit to Raja seat in Mercera and a vintage car museum on our way. After a warm welcome from Mr. Naveen Nanjappa our host and owner of fish view cottage, All I wanted was beer and some starters. I was offered duck egg omlette. And while we relaxed our lunch was ready. Simple hot, healthy and delicious 3 course meal from the hosts kitchen.. Naveen says he prefers using the best quality groceries and if he can eat his own lunch at the resort he has served his guests thoughtful. We took a good nap and by evening I was out for a stroll..Mr. Naveen is a hands-on host. He is the owner of the property. You can see him around at all times. He ensures that guests are given attention plus they were given their privacy as well. He knew how to draw this fine line. He can talk about anything on Earth and is also awarded the best agriculturist for fisheries and it does serve him well when you hear him all about the trade, coffee, farming , fisheries, social issues..what not.. When you book with any other resort you book looking at pictures and some feedback and when you reach there you are at the mercy of an attendant or the manager.. while RR Fish View cottage is different.. After I was done with the in-house activities they placed a bon fire and gave us some marinated chicken. We could make our own fire or the staff or owner himself will help you if you need and you can make your own barbeque and eat it as well.. That was about creating an experience. ..the best part was each guest was given the comfort of a separate bon fire and everything on preference.

At dawn the next day I asked for a hike uphill. This was the most educative trek ever. We went on a jeep, deep inside the coffee plantation, walked around 3kms and learnt about passion fruit for monkeys, garbled beans for coffee, rabbit hole, steivecat poop and how this was treated to get the best coffee beans that healed cancer, natural habitat for elephants and monkeys and boars and deers, wild fruits, it was awesome. I never realized I had walked so much and gained so much insight. Being a farmer was not easy unless you had made friends with mother Earth and fellow inhabitants. We were welcomed back with coffee made of garbled beans and homemade puttu. Coorgi delicacies and I had already started missing Fish view cottage while I was at the gate bidding my goodbye s ..

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