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A mother is born when a daughter is born

What would people tell you when your daughter grows into a teenager

  • Now u got to be more responsible

  • Now you need to stop traveling

  • Now you need to be beside her all the time

  • Now you need to give her methi, til laddu, and fruits, and curd, and....

  • Now you must tell her to be careful from outsiders..they meant boys

Instead I told her these:

  • I will continue to travel and you must do so as well. But earn your travel, earn your luxuries.

  • Ensure that you eat healthy, live happy, laugh loud.

  • Just know that you must always be confident and stay safe. There could be prying eyes.

  • You could be attracted to people physically or emotionally. But trust me on your secrets. I promise not to intervene but could suggest you based on my experiences.

  • Learn how to wear your pads, dispose safe, dress appropriate, and behave well.

  • Do not accept anybody being abusive to you, physically or verbally.

  • Live your life on your terms, voice your opinions.

I do not mean to pass the buck but want to tell her that she is capable of taking care of herself but I will be around.

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