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A Letter to a Fellow Trekker

Hi There,

It is commendable that you are a mountain person too and love the mountains as much as I do or even more. Which is why I would like to share a few things with you , that is very close to my heart. Before that let me introduce myself to you.

I am a middle-aged working mother. I grew up in the southern part of India. I would spend every holiday, during my childhood near the beaches and as I grew up that is where is found solace.

In 2018 I did a solo travel to Nepal and there I trekked to the base camp of the Annapurna circuit from Dhampus, Pokhra. That holiday made me appreciate the mountains like never before and Himalayas had become my new-found love.

During the Covid lockdown I did a couple of more treks in the South and finally decided to Kedarkanta, Uttarkhand, India during winter. A high altitude snow trek was something I was really looking forward to.

I am amazed at how more people have taken up trekking. I had a wonderful experience during the trek and I am sure you had a great time in the mountains as well. I would like to share my experience and a couple of things I felt deeply about while I was in the mountains. I am sure you agree and appreciate our discussion and would like to spread the word.

Soak in the Nature

I am sure both of us agree we escape out of our busy mundane life in the cities to the mountains. These breaks are our filters to avoid the noise in our minds, hearts, and our surroundings. It is meditation to sit down quietly, listen to the birds chirping, the streams flowing, and to feel the breeze. While most of us are trying to soak in the nature we must pledge to keep our volumes low, (be it chatter, music, calls) and allow everyone around us to become one with nature.

Pledge to Save the Mountains

The cities are polluted, noise, air, water, and hearts. And knowingly or unknowingly we have contributed to it. And now, when we head out towards the mountains lets try not to spoil the untouched pieces of land. At 12500 ft above sea level, I was disappointed to see cigarettes, glass bottles, plastic wrappers, and more. I request us to discourage the use of plastic, carry our waste back to the cities where segregation is available, and urge not to leave them in the mountains. As a mother of two girls, I have promised them that I will leave the mountains with the same grandeur. When they go to these mountains I hope for them to relive their mother's memories and cherish what mother Earth has gifted them. This is possible if I come-by, say hello, and give the mountains a warm hug while I leave and not gift more garbage . Could you please join hands with me.

Love the People

Whenever I am in the mountains, it amazes me how these people high up there are always smiling. They have scarcity of everything. power, water, comfort, leisure, and opportunities; but I don’t see them crib. as compared to us. Instead, their festivities, their culture, and their way of living only depict gratitude. I appreciate the little kids waving at me, old women offering water while I am panting for my breath during the ascend. The people in the mountains are so welcoming. And the least I could do is to smile at them and wave. Even the dogs would lead us from one camp to the other and most times I was thankful, because they guarded us from from most wild encounters deep in the forests.

I always felt we are in their lands, they have lovingly allowed us to be around them. We must pass on good vibes to them.

More love and more smiles to those wonderful souls in the mountains!

Being Together Matters

I read this somewhere: If you want to go fast go alone If you want to go far go together. All of us in the trek group came from varied backgrounds. When we did a briefing and debriefing each day about our tasks and how we felt, we discovered something new, something outstanding, something brave about each other. When we are up there we must empathize, lend a hand, pat a back. We are all in it together and the team spirit does help us sustain the climate, the high altitudes, and the mental disruptions.

Get Fit

I kept this to the last, because I want you to remember this the most.

While I ascended and descended, I was thankful to myself for giving time for my fitness regime. Following a fitness regime, running, cardio, yoga, and meditation helped me reach the summit, We are all different people. It hurts how some of us were finding it very difficult to get there, but it would have helped if they had prepared for this trek. I promised myself that I am returning home to tell my children that they must avoid TV, strictly allocate playtime of atleast an hour, go out in the sun, and eat healthy. I need you to remind this to me often and I will assure you of the same.

It was wonderful knowing ya. Let's catch up again. On my way back home I reflected on my journey and wanted to share this with you as well. Thanks for reading.

Prayers for more love, more peace, cleaner and peaceful mountains.

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