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7 Life Enhancing Skills that Solo Travels Offer

Updated: Feb 4

Travelling allows you to explore the world. Each time you travel, you discover something new about the place, about people you travel with, and about yourself. That’s the time you shut down from your routines, switch off from work, and you are more relaxed. Many leaders have quoted that they found a new idea for innovation while they were traveling.

So what’s the big deal about solo travelers. Here are a few reasons why you must travel solo.

Enhance Your Planning Skills

Planning is the key. When you travel solo you master the art of planning. You know you have to plan the stay, safe travels, itinerary, weather, socio-economic conditions of the place you travel and much more. Moreover, you also plan for the worst. You have a plan B if you miss your bus, if the hotel turns out to be a nightmare, if someone cheats on you, and so on. You know you own your risks. So you become a better planner.

Boost Confidence

When you travel alone you meet all sorts of people. When I travelled to New York, I got on a bus that was travelling in the opposite direction of where I was supposed to go. The driver realized I was a traveler who lost way and asked me to wait until he reached the last stop. I was skeptical whether I must listen to him or get down right away. But I chose to wait. He parked the bus in the last stop, walked with me to the lane that led to the pier and bid me goodbye asking to visit again. As soon as I reached one of the piers I asked a police officer to help me navigate. He actually asked me out, said that he loves dating travelers, and would accompany me if I wished. So there are a lot of surprises that come your way while you are traveling alone. You learn to handle situations on your own.

Become More Adaptable

Survival of the fittest. Solo travel comes with a lot of surprises. You meet different people in different places. Not always do you find the luxuries of your house. The best part of the story is you do not have anyone to complain, pass blames for booking a bad stay or an uncomfortable seat in the bus, or tasteless food. You own your decisions and take responsibility for your deeds. Obviously, you adapt.

Unfold the Adventurous Side of You

Success favors the bold.

There is always an Adrenaline rush when it comes to traveling alone. Walking alone by the beach, sitting in a desert waiting for the sunrise, trekking with unknown people, walking in the unknown streets sitting in the crowded train stations, ..all of these calls for a lot of courage.. And when you start inculcating this behavior in your daily lives, you are never afraid to take risks.

Become a Better Conversationalist

I have traveled solo, I have travelled with friends and I have travelled with family. Only when I travelled solo have I felt the need to strike interesting conversations for as long as I wanted. Mostly because I never had to abide by my co traveler’s times. I have listened about tales of places from my fellow travelers and struck interesting conversations with locals.

Become Independent

Now that you have planned your travel on your own, stayed on your own, managed finances on your own, thought about does and don’ts all by yourself, made your owns rules, listened to your conscience while taking the slightest decisions; you have become more independent. Each person looks for a shoulder to lean on to. Nobody likes dependencies. Guess what, now there is an independent person who is on her own. And there are far more people who admire that.

Enjoy Your Own Company

This is the best. I feel I have feathers now and am free to fly. You know how strong your wings are how high you can soar. Not always do you have someone by your side. So when life puts you through undesirable situations you are ready to give back strongly. When you stop cribbing and enjoy life and enjoy the YOU…there it becomes more fun.

What are you waiting for? Don your sunglasses, pack up your bags, here you go for some thrilling experiences

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