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3 Days at Ooty

Travel for me is an experience. I want to teach kids the same. It is was time to show them around and tell them that there is a world outside and beyond... It was time to take kids out. Summer. 2018.. My checkpoints:

  • Get them closer to nature

  • Show them something beyond

  • Tag them along with friends

  • Get some learning in as well We traveled through the Bandipur and Madhumalai forest. We had to get a permit as we were traveling through two states.. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. You can get the permit issued in the checkpost. .... peacocks welcomed us.. elephants were our co travellers, bears hid in a corner staring where we were up to, deers busy with their schedules, stags chuckled at us and monkeys and langurs were gossipping away to glory... kids were already excited.

We were exploring ghats apart from the Western ghats in South India... We remembered the dacoit Veerappan and how he must have spent life among the tribals... we could still see him in the in the faces of the tribals and realized how many of these elephants would have lost their families just for the pricy possession they had...

OOty welcomed us with great weather. The chilling breeze .. and no rains... we realized we had not got our warm clothes... considering it was a summer trip.. we did not realize it will be 16c on a summer afternoon. BY evening there was fog.. we could see Ooty chocolate factory and Nilgiri hills from our rooms.. it was a fantastic view.. We picturized all those movies where the hero and the heroine rolled down the hills....and they sang duets and danced with other tribals. it was here where these movies were shooted..there were apple farms and carrot farms next to our homestay.... we peeked in to get a view. We did visit the chocolate factory and the Nilgiri factory... and thats all we could do on day 1. Did i miss visiting the wax studio.... after visiting madam Tussauds in New York... I did not have great expectations but the best part of the story was there were wax models of Veerappan with his gun and a chicken barbeque along with models of freedom fighters and actors... I was wondering what were the authorities trying to say... such was the impact of the bandit in the area. that he made his place in the ooty wax studio..

Day 2 Day 2 we had booked the Nilgiri trains...the cogwheel train from Connor to Ooty .. this was also called Nilgiri toy train. . Cogwheel train has a history and technical aspect as well.. the rack and pinion technology that is used to ensure the train grips safely high up mountains and through tunnels and curvy forests ... are only at 3 places in India that donnes a cogwheel train.... Darjeeling, Shimla, and Ooty... later in the week my friends posted in Facebook about her holiday in Budapest" Checking in to the Cogwheel train" I said to myself"" This is what I did in Ooty this summer" :)

The toy train travelled through the tunnel, across rivers, into dense forests. It was quite an experience. We met a variety of people there... a guy from London .. who had enrolled in the Ootyy army training school.. he says this is best he ever got and the training is more rigorous than anywhere... something we really felt proud about... a Muslim family..the guy returned from Dubai after a long time and decided to take his son in the OOTY cog train while he had already made his first trip for his daughter when she was the same age as his son now.. and another guy.. was an environmentalist.. . he travels around the world propogating the importance about nature and his favorite topic is Nilgiri hills.. he sat with us through the journey to tell us the best views, the kind of trees, flora and fauna in Nilgiris and how we are losing out on our treasure in the pretext of tea estates.. He took this route only because this stretch had a better view than the Ooty to Connor stretch. I regret not taking a picture of his.. but we could get him to click our groupies considering his photographic skills... Nilgiris also gave us a souvenir that included Nilgiri oil, chocolates, a keychain along with snacks during our journey.

Day 3 On your return you can choose to do a boating in the Ooty lake or a horse riding in the pine forest, depending on the interests of your children.

On your return you can choose to do a boating in the Ooty lake or a horse riding in the pine forest, depending on the interests of your children.

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